Advanced Muscle Building Tip: Extended Sets For Biceps

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25 Responses to “Advanced Muscle Building Tip: Extended Sets For Biceps”
  1. mhrockstar says:

    In your description***

  2. mhrockstar says:

    Hey vince, what do you think about Lee Haywards blast your bench? You included in our comments that working separate parts of your body is not the best thing to do, but lee Hayward incorporates this and he’s a smart guy and not to mention a beast.

  3. TheTruthHurtsYup says:

    ummmm, you do not want to tear your muscles or break them down. Isn’t the point of muscle building, obvious? to build muscle? How can you move forward if you are always tearing them down and going backwards? You want to go heavy and keep reps about 6-8. Your muscle fibers will get worked but still be in tact and then you brain will feed more nutrients to them to get them stronger. You can also workout more often when you aren’t breaking down your muscles.

  4. TheRealDirtyScary says:

    agreed…most of these on line trainers are scammers, making you think they have a magical formula to building muscle. He’s a total douche.

  5. ralphy799 says:

    nicee your like a therapyst and a body builder

  6. StupidKunt09 says:

    lol at all u pussys and nut huggers.

    he is a hypocrite anyways he just trys to jew you into buying his book and gives away no real information. its not as complicated as he makes it out 2 b

  7. ryukurai666 says:

    yo hago 6 de esas y quedo deshecho xD
    q aguante T.T

  8. zergling6000 says:

    listen to what he says….this is designed to be a finisher to add on top of your current bicep work out for maximum muscle tearing

  9. trwtrw3 says:

    Very interesting idea, I never thought of this technique. By the way, what brand are those mult-colored barbell plates?

  10. 993turbo says:

    Vince, these are to many reps for your biceps i would say…you should use more weight and keep the reps down to about 10-12 possible and clean, wright?

  11. darkreaper91 says:

    fuck i really want a power rack

  12. VickThorrable says:

    Great video Vince, thanks for sharing ! Keep up the great work bro, looking forward to new exercises !

  13. pablolee84 says:

    when u start to swing your body is time to stop, u need to work it with good form, to create muscle you work with low reps and high weigh, he`s mixing routines and not even a single includes triceps, thats why he got no triceps in good shape, trust me he doesnt have those arms because of these routine

  14. 7ygrr says:

    aren’t you suppose to exhale WHILE lifting???…yea you are…but idk..w/e

  15. edai says:

    what weight do u use for this?

  16. samspringroyd says:

    it’s good what you say, but can you PLEASE film in a more interesting place

  17. Jugglemisterer says:

    can we trade arms dude, nice vid.

  18. brownie2323 says:

    why are you so jealous of vince? oh yea, cuz he gets more pussy in one day then you will ever get with your 400 pound garbage legs

  19. brownie2323 says:

    vince is awesome

  20. Igotmyvanson20 says:

    very poor form

  21. piratelord99 says:

    his legs looked deezed to me

  22. khmerwolf1 says:

    Stupidkunt09 – You should change your name to thickkunt, it’s much more suitable.

  23. BlackBelt10101 says:

    You all…. jezzz hating

  24. StupidKunt09 says:

    look at u puntsy little legs. more quads and hammys vince

  25. 5BOROCLIFF says:

    and biceps

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